Breakfast Quinoa

A healthy breakfast quinoa recipe


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. My Smellie teammates all survived Ragnar McDowell Mountain. We only heard packs of coyotes howling a few times throughout the night. :) The rest of the weekend was spend relaxing, catching up on sleep and laundry. Exciting stuff!


While breakfast has become my favorite meal of the day, I noticed I was eating a lot of toast and cereal. Neither are the most nutritious of breakfast options. Quinoa is not a food that I would normally associate with breakfast, but when I came across this Quinoa Breakfast Bowl I thought I’d give it a shot.


I make two cups of quinoa on Sunday and have it throughout the week. I add as much as I want that morning to a bowl, throw in frozen blueberries and place in the microwave for a minute. Once it’s warm, I add a bit of almond milk, cinnamon and brown sugar. Let’s face it, quinoa isn’t the most exciting option, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised how much I like it. It’s healthy and gluten-free which always make me feel a little better!

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