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Choosing Happiness


I did it. I made the scary and uncomfortable decision to quit my job. I graduated from college with an accounting degree and have been working in the field ever since. And it’s been a really good career choice for me. Everyone needs accountants so the market is always good (and the pay isn’t bad either). But when I thought about working for another 15-20 years, I just couldn’t picture myself being as happy as I’d like to be.

I think it’s rare for someone to know their passion in college when selecting a major. I picked mine because I was in the business school, took an accounting class and found it to be pretty easy. I’ve always been interested in math and have a strange fascination with numbers. My aunt was an accountant, which was a plus (pun intended) since I knew someone in the industry. But I want a career that I’m passionate about. One I wake up wanting to go to each day (okay, at least most days). I blame this on my dad. He enjoyed a long career in a field he loved. Even in retirement, he volunteers his time because he’s truly passionate about the outdoors. (Dad, I don’t blame you, I admire you!)

I don’t know what will come next for me. I’m planning to take the summer off as a sabbatical of sorts and then will spend some time thinking about what I want to do next. Maybe finance, human resources or opening a nail salon. The options are endless! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared and anxious about the future, but I’m also excited and invigorated. I am grateful too. Grateful to be in a position that I can make this decision. And for a hugely supportive boyfriend that wants me to be happy and do whatever it takes to figure it out. If the worst thing that happens is I decide I really did like accounting and go back to it, that’s really not so bad, right?!


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  1. Bonnie wrote:

    Excellent message!! I’ll share it with several family members who are currently looking for work. Your ability to put your thoughts on paper is certainly an asset you should continue to explore. Good luck!!

    Published 5.8.14
    • ekartak wrote:

      Thank you! It was such a hard decision, but I’ve felt lighter and more relaxed ever since I made it. I’m excited to figure out the next step in my career!

      Published 5.10.14
  2. thethingswedidntbuy wrote:

    Love this! Best of luck to you in this new journey!

    Published 5.13.14
  3. Karen Kallal wrote:

    Good for you Erica!! I wish you the best.

    Published 5.13.14
  4. Kathryn@ Illustrated Nutrition wrote:

    I’m so happy for you! It’s scary to think about the future, but in the long run you will be SO much happier. The hardest part is actually making the decision and doing it. The best decision I ever made was quitting my full time job and going back to school for nutrition. I loved the field of marketing, but the jobs I had made we feel worthless sitting at a desk all day. Take the time you need for yourself right now and don’t rush the decision, you deserve it!

    Published 6.13.14