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I hope you all had a good, long weekend! Ours started off with a family walk on Saturday morning. Unfortunately that was the high point as we both got scratchy throats throughout the afternoon. The rest of the weekend was spent trying to keep our winter colds to a minimum while keeping a baby and toddler entertained. There are no sick days when you’re a parent!


Putting together my holiday gift guides is the perfect excuse to create my own wish list (and many items I include are actually things I add to my own list). I thought it would be fun to share a few of the items I received. Some were surprises and others were on my wish list. I’ll be honest though – as much as I love a good list, it’s the surprises that are most memorable!


It wouldn’t be Christmas without a good collection of books – a parenting book, cookbook for quick and easy meals (I’ve already made several recipes and highly recommend), a coloring book (to de-stress with the funniest mom thoughts) and little books to write letters to Lawson and Sybil.


One of my very favorite gifts this year was a pack of wool dryer balls. They might not sound too exciting, but it turns out they’re right up my alley. 1. I didn’t even know they existed, 2. environmentally friendly, 3. free of harsh chemicals and 4. they actually work to reduce drying time and leave my clothes soft and fluffy. I’d gift these to my all-natural loving girlfriends in a heartbeat.


My favorite winter lotion and these leggings were on my wish list, as well as a Baby Bjorn (joint gift for Sybil and me). I have and love an Ergo baby carrier, but the Baby Bjorn is much easier to get off and on. I also wanted a carrier that Sybil could face out or in.


Jim is a great gift giver and certainly didn’t disappoint me this year. In addition to the M. Gemi heels that were on my wish list for the past 2 years (a wardrobe essential I was lacking, use this link for $40 off your first purchase), he gifted me this Aether sweater. It is the softest and most comfortable sweater I’ve ever owned. This sweater fits my mantra of fewer, but better gifts perfectly. It’s a splurge and an investment, which is exactly what gifts should be. I can’t stop raving about it.


Did you get any surprises under the tree this year? What was your favorite gift?


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