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Date Night

date night


I was reading Glamour on a flight recently and came across a few articles on dating. (Yes, I still subscribe to Glamour!) In this age of social media, alerts and 24/7 news, we can be in a state of constant stimulation and connection with others. All of which is great. But not at the expense of connecting with your loved ones. To combat the decline of real dating, Glamour came up with the idea of a cross-country date night on June 28th (read more here).


Never one to shy away from spending time with my luv, I’ll be participating in #glamourdatenight on Saturday. It’s basic, but I learned the hard way that spending quality time together is so important to a successful and happy relationship. Now I make an effort to connect, especially when life gets crazy and stressful. We started No TV Saturday three months ago for exactly this reason. With the exception of one weekend, I’m proud to say we’ve stuck to it, even when traveling! We spend the day together exploring outdoors, running errands and playing games. Now if we could just give up our iPads for the day. :)


If you need some ideas for date night, head over to Camille’s post on 101 Date Ideas at Friday We’re in Love. I especially love #8, 25, 45 and 48!


What do you think, will you join me and others on Saturday for a cross-country date night?!



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