Easter Basket Ideas for Babies + Toddlers


Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

I’m irrationally excited for Lawson and Sybil’s easter baskets this year! I rounded up 15 easter basket ideas for toddlers and babies, including several we own or L&S are getting this year.

Last year I invested in Xinh & Co easter baskets to use year after year. She doesn’t have them listed yet for this year, but I saw on Instagram that she plans to sell them again. I’ve used Sybil’s basket as my bag too (seen here)!

I’m a fan of filling easter baskets with practical items and try to stick to my one game/toy, one book and one clothing item rule. I start by thinking about what they need for the upcoming spring/summer seasons. A spring shirt, dress, swimsuit or sandals are all great ideas.

While the graphic focuses on easter basket ideas for toddlers and babies, the general ideas work for all ages. An article of clothing, game, book, stickers, pajamas, hair bow or face mask, sandals or flip flops. I’ve included gift ideas for older kids in the widget below.

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers and Babies

ONE // Straw Fedora: There is nothing cuter than a little one in a fedora. Lawson and Sybil wear their hats around the house when they are “going on a beach vacation.”

TWO // Personalized Egg Teether: The lone true baby product in this roundup, I couldn’t resist including this adorable egg teether for baby’s first easter.

THREE // Personalized Easter Basket Tags: Thanks to my friend Mandy for posting these cute easter basket tags on Instagram. They are only $5 and such a cute way to personalize easter baskets!

FOUR // Camping Memory Game: Sybil will find this game in her basket on easter morning. We have another matching game by the same company. I actually struggle thinking of gifts for Sybil and I hope she loves this one.

FIVE // Here Comes the Easter Cat: We are huge fans of the entire Here Comes the Cat series. I picked up the easter version for Lawson’s basket and then we’ll have almost the entire collection.

SIX // Bananagrams: I recently discovered the kids version of one of my favorite games and ordered it for Lawson. I’m excited to play it with him!

SEVEN // Dot Ruffle Dress: I LOVE this dress. Sybil hasn’t grown too much from last year, so she has a ton of clothes that should still fit including a top very similar to this dress. I’m trying to restrain myself from getting it for her.

EIGHT // Bunny Stripe PJ Set: Lawson turns 4 the week before easter and is in need of pajamas in size 4T. I couldn’t pass up matching pajamas for Lawson and Sybil in this cute pattern. I mean, stripes and a bunny??!

NINE // Striped Peplum Hem Shirt: Clearly I can’t resist blue or grey and white stripe anything. Various shades of blue is pretty much the only thing I buy Sybil. Her blue eyes are still such a surprise to me that I can’t help dress her in the same shade.

TEN // Native Slip-On Sneakers: I see these on so many kids come summertime. You can wear them in the water, which makes them a great pick for splash pads and old fashioned sprinklers.

ELEVEN // The Striped Sheep Rainbow Striped Shirt: When I first was introduced to this brand, I immediately thought of including the striped shirts in our easter baskets. Of course, I couldn’t pass up getting one for myself too. #twinning I love supporting mama owned small businesses and the quality of these shirts is great.

TWELVE // Birkenstock Roma Sandals: Lawson has gotten a pair of these for his birthday or easter the past two years. He still fits into last year’s sandals (yay!) and loves them. Lawson and Sybil get one pair of sandals each year and that’s it. Birkenstocks are more expensive than other brands, but that’s okay with me because they’ll wear them every day (and I save Lawson’s old sandals for Sybil). If you’re looking for your own pair of Birks, these are my go to sandals.

THIRTEEN // Camelbak Water Bottle: I mentioned it above, but I’m a fan of practical, they need it anyway gifts. We have four of these Camelbak water bottles (along with two Hydro Flasks) and rotate them daily.

FOURTEEN // Melissa & Doug Jigsaw Puzzles in a Box: A repeat from my Valentine’s Day gift guide, both my kiddos are obsessed with these puzzles in a box. We have two sets (construction and vehicles). They are put together daily at our house.

FIFTEEN // Bunny Stuffed Animal: If Sybil didn’t already have a bunny, I’d get this one for her. My girl loves to sleep with her babies and animals.

Along with a few Hershey’s kisses, I’ll be adding Annie’s bunny fruit snacks and cheddar bunnies to their baskets.

I hope these ideas were helpful! Don’t forget to check the widget below for more gift options, especially for a couple of adorable items from Athleta Girl. They are so cute that I want them!

P.S. Are easter baskets only for kids in your house or do mom and dad get a little something too?

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