Fall Fun




Last week when we were in Minnesota, Lawson got his first taste of fall (literally, he tried to eat the leaves). It was such fun to watch him explore the texture of the leaves. He couldn’t decide if he really wanted to eat them or not!

Jim and I were talking recently about how we’re torn between wanting Lawson to reach new milestones and staying exactly as he is. He is such a sweet little boy and melts our hearts every day. Part of the fun of this period is everything is a first…his first fall, first halloween, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas. I truly enjoy each day with him and try not to look too much into the future!

If you’re interested, Lawson is wearing a hooded romper from Nordstrom and Freshly Picked moccasins (LOVE them!).


Baby's First Fall

Baby's First Fall

Baby's First Fall





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