Fit Bits: Nordic Track Treadmill Review

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Last year for my birthday I received the Nordic Track 2250 treadmill (see the current 2450 model here). I know it might sound as if getting a treadmill is similar to receiving a toaster or blender and maybe for some of you it would be. The treadmill also came with a surprise entrance into our first marathon, which made it extra special and it’s turned out to be one of the best gifts.


The convenience an at-home treadmill provides is key to any type of extended training program or regular fitness regime. When you’re trying to fit in 40+ miles a week, you have to run in the morning or at night. Although I prefer running outside, it’s also nice to have an option in the Arizona summer when it’s 100+ or in the winter when it’s dark so much.


One key feature of the Nordic Track 2250, as well as the current version, is the spacesaver design. The deck (part that you actually run on) folds up and down quite easily. Our treadmill is located in the den, which does double duty as an office and workout area. It’s still an eyesore in the overall design of our den, but allows for more space when we need it for P90X or yoga.


The current version has an integrated HDTV, which mine does not. There’s only so much running you can do staring out the window or at a blank wall though. We did install a small television and Apple TV above the treadmill to watch movies or our favorite shows. I didn’t allow myself to watch the entire first two seasons of Scandal unless I was on the treadmill. Talk about motivation!


Another feature that I actually really like is the built-in fan. At first I thought it was an unnecessary addition, but there have definitely been times I’ve been happy to have it. The cushioning, speed and incline features are all sufficient for our needs. Overall, it is a high quality product that I’d recommend!

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