Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

Holiday Gifts for Guys


After a weeklong break, I’m back with my final gift guides of the season (remember when I promised all of them before black friday…ha!). Today is all about holiday gifts for guys. Many of these are tried and true favorites of the guys in my life and others are new items I think they’d love.


Jim and my brother both swear by this dress shirt in blue. It goes with everything – jeans, dress pants, suit. Ditto on this Patagonia vest. We’re pretty big Patagonia fans in our family. You’ll regularly see all of us in either a sweater jacket or vest. Seriously, we’re a walking advertisement for Patagonia!


If he’s a frequent traveler or just needs some peace and quiet from the kids, noise cancelling headphones would make a really great gift. A dopp kit is a necessary travel item for men over a certain age. No more putting your toiletries in a sandwich bag!


You can’t go wrong with high quality basics. A go to tee, sweatpants that can be worn in public without fear of embarrassment, sneakers, a cashmere sweater that won’t blow your budget (highly recommend the grey or navy) and a soft flannel shirt.


If he’s into fitness, this tee is pretty versatile. And if he’s in the over 30 crowd, he’ll soon realize how much he needs a foam roller. Honestly, getting old sucks.


If you’re looking to splurge a bit, a watch is a timeless gift. Even if they don’t wear it every day, it’s the one accessory every guy should own for those special days.


Jim and I don’t often regret getting rid of items. I consider these boots the one we let get away though. Maybe because it was summer and we didn’t think he’d wear them often?? There’s nothing worse than buying the same thing you donated a few months ago. (Actually there are a lot of worse things. If this is our only problem in life, life is pretty good.)


If he’s techie, a security camera to guard his valuable things would be a great less common gift. And if he’s a techie and also steals your hair dryer, give him this one by Dyson so you both can benefit!


Last, but not least, a book to make him think. There’s something great about reading an actual book once in awhile, even if it only happens once a year.


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