2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Holiday Kid’s Books

2019 Holiday Books for Kids

Kicking off a week of holiday gift guides with an update of a favorite from last year – holiday kid’s books! We take our reading seriously around this house and that includes Christmas and wintery books.

I’ve noted the books we personally own with an asterisk below. You can find more ideas in my 2018 holiday books for kids.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Holiday Kid’s Books

ONE // Pick a Pine Tree: The holiday “it” book of 2018 that sold out. It is a beautifully illustrated story about picking out and decorating a tree for the holidays.

TWO // If You Take a Mouse to the Movies*: Sybil loves the entire series and is getting If You Take a Mouse to the Movies for her December 1st gift (I give them a pair of holiday pajamas and a book to kick off December).

THREE // The Crayons’ Christmas*: One of our favorite books we got this year is The Day the Crayons Quit. The author released a Christmas version last month, which will be Lawson’s December 1st holiday book.

FOUR // Red & Lulu: We recently got Red & Lulu from the library and it quickly became my favorite holiday book this year. It’s the story of two birds as the tree they live in becomes the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.

FIVE // The Little Reindeer*: Tied with Pick a Pine Tree for the prettiest on the list, the little reindeer is a beautiful book that you’ll read for years to come.

SIX // Little Blue Truck’s Christmas: What kid doesn’t love Little Blue Truck? Even I love to read about the little blue truck that conquers all.

SEVEN // Construction Site on Christmas Night*: Lawson LOVES all things Construction Site, including this story about construction vehicles building a fire station in the holiday season.

EIGHT // Here Comes Santa Cat*: The cat that seems to cause a bit of trouble, but always helps out in the end. Another series that we read a lot around here.

NINE // Bear Stays Up for Christmas*: One of my favorite books as we get closer to Christmas night. What little kid doesn’t entertain the idea of staying up to spot santa??!

TEN // The Snowy Day*: We’re all big fans of both the book and movie version of The Snowy Day. It’s a short and sweet story of a wintery day full of snow, fun and friends.

ELEVEN // Duck & Goose, It’s Time for Christmas: Perfect for toddlers, Duck & Goose is a fun board book. Sybil loved the pumpkin version she got for Halloween.

TWELVE // Olive, the Other Reindeer*: Olive makes me smile every time we read this story about the little dog that decides she’s actually a reindeer and heads to the North Pole to join Santa’s team of reindeers.

THIRTEEN // The Great Spruce: A boy’s favorite tree is taken for the city’s holiday celebration. Heartbroken at the idea of losing his tree, he comes up with a plan to save it.

FOURTEEN // The Christmas Wish: A little girl’s trek to find Santa and the animals that help her along the way.

FIFTEEN // The Wish Tree: A little boy’s search for a wish tree and the wishes that come true along the way. I requested it from our library and am excited to read it with the kiddos.

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