Hospital Gift

Hospital Gift Ideas


With both Lawson and Sybil’s births, I had such great experiences with our doctors and nurses. To express our thanks, I put together these hospital gift packages. While I’m sure it isn’t expected, it was important to me to give a small token of our appreciation for taking care of me in my most vulnerable moments and our little ones in their first days of life. Not to mention my primary doctor and physician’s assistant that delivered Lawson and Sybil!


Hospital Gift Ideas


For my doctor and physician’s assistant, I picked this fleur de sel see salt and salt container, both purchased at urbAna in Phoenix, along with a squeeze mug from Lafayette Avenue Ceramics. With Lawson’s birth, my doctor came in after her day was supposed to end to perform my c-section. After a long day of labor, I was ready to get Lawson out safely, but was also nervous about surgery. It was such a relief to have the doctor I’d seen throughout my pregnancy there. With Sybil’s birth, I was more than a little nervous about a repeat c-section. My physician’s assistant visited me in the hospital before the surgery and put me at ease.


Hospital Gift Ideas


For the numerous nurses that cared for us, I gave them the choice of either a standard wax candle or SLATHERlotions┬ámini body lotion or face and hand cream. As first time parents, the nurses taught us how to change a diaper, swaddle and bath our little one. With Sybil we were veterans that knew how to use that call button to ask for help as we knew we’d soon be on our own at home!


Speaking of Sybil, she’s been sleeping 12 hours at night while waking once for a feeding. After 10 weeks of her waking up every 2-3 hours, it feels amazing. It’s only been three nights, but I think we’re on to something good. Not only is she sleeping longer, she’s doing it in her crib! Prior to Saturday, she had only slept in her crib once. Now she will even fall asleep on her own. Fingers crossed I haven’t just jinxed myself and it continues.


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