Maintaining My Milk Supply + A Giveaway!

Increase my Milk Supply, Mothers Milk Tea, Oat Mama Bars


Lawson had an unexplained weight loss when he was 5 months old. After a couple of stressful months, we figured out my milk supply had deceased. He wasn’t getting enough to eat, almost 20 ounces¬†less than he needed. This time around, I’ve been more proactive with maintaining my supply. In addition to our traditional pediatrician, Sybil also sees a naturopathic pediatrician. The naturopathic pediatrician has been hugely helpful with Sybil’s stomach issues and providing recommendations for me to maintain my supply.


My initial goal with both Lawson and Sybil was to breastfeed them for six months. When we reached that milestone, I changed it to 9 months. These are the 4 things I’ve been doing to maintain or increase my milk supply. Sybil is almost 8 months old and still gaining weight like a champ so it’s working!


Oat Mama Bars

I came across Oat Mama on Instagram when I was breastfeeding Lawson. With Sybil I started eating them within the first month or two. I’ve consistently been eating them every day or so, usually as a snack. My current favorites are the creamy peanut butter chip. Now the best part of today’s post…head over to Instagram for an Oat Mama giveaway!



I’ll admit drinking at least 75 ounces of water a day is hard for me. I love my Swell water bottles to keep it ice cold. It’s a daily goal of mine to drink enough water. I may fall short most days, but I keep trying.


Lactation Tea

The naturopathic pediatrician recommended Mother’s Milk tea. I rotate between Mother’s Milk and milkmakers lactation tea and try to start off my day with a cup and sometimes end the day with another. I prefer the taste of the milkmakers tea, but I drink both of them.



Our naturopathic pediatrician also recommended Gaia Galactagogue formula supplements to help with my supply. I take 2 capsules a day and notice an immediate difference when I take them.


Lastly, while it hasn’t been an actual strategy, I do think Sybil’s lack of sleeping through the night has actually helped to maintain my supply. I’m not sure I would choose waking up multiple times a night for 8 months, but I try to remind myself that it seems to be helping.


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