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Let’s Get Social

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Today I’m excited to announce an all new Facebook page for Luv in the Bubble! I’ve been working on it for the past few weeks and now it’s up and running. Although it seems like everyone is on Facebook, there are a ton of other social media platforms. I’ll admit it can seem daunting. If you’ve thought about joining Instagram, but weren’t quite sure what it was all about, check out how I use it, as well as my three other favorites.


Pinterest: Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration, whether for an outfit, tonight’s meal or your next dinner party. I have several Pinterest boards, but am most active in those related to fashion, food and inspirational quotes. I try a recipe from Pinterest once a week and am constantly finding fashions to put my own spin on. I pin images I like and go back to them often, especially when I’m looking at my closet and feel as if I have nothing to wear. Follow me on one or all of my boards!


Facebook: One of my takeaways from Alt Summit in June was to create a Facebook page specific to Luv in the Bubble. Similar to the personal pages most of us have, you can post updates to a business page, but instead of sending someone a friend request, you simply “like” the page. You get all of the updates without having to send a request that the owner approves. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be transitioning my Facebook posts from my personal page to the new Luv in the Bubble page. I’ll also pose questions from time to time about features that I’m thinking about and want your feedback on. So go ahead and “like” Luv in the Bubble on Facebook!


Instagram: My absolute favorite right now is Instagram. It’s also the fastest growing social media platform right now. Over the past year, Instagram has replaced Facebook for sharing photos with friends and followers (Facebook was smart and acquired Instagram in 2012). Some of the images are absolutely gorgeous. I try to post a photo a day – sometimes a favorite new purchase, fantastic meal or pretty view. To see more of a glimpse into my day to day, follow me on Instagram!


Twitter: I joined Twitter late last year and had no idea it had been around for eight years. I follow brands that I love; sometimes they tweet sales that I wouldn’t have otherwise heard about. I promote my blog posts, as well as share some of my Instagram photos, on Twitter.  I also tweet little nuggets from throughout my week, mostly thoughts of the day or workout updates. Check me out here for more!


I have goals for each of these platforms and have been known to send a little thank you gift when I reach a goal. Connect with me on one or all of them and share with your friends! Thanks for supporting Luv in the Bubble!!

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  1. annie wrote:

    Yay so happy to be following along with you, friend! Hope you are doing well :) xoxo

    Published 8.11.14