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Restaurant Progress


Happy Monday! I’m back with more random thoughts. These posts are so much easier for me to do right now. I hope you like them! I promise I’ll get back to real posts soon. Well, as soon as Sybil starts sleeping more than 3 hours at a time.


We tried a new restaurant for girl’s night last week. If you’re in the Phoenix area, you’ve got to try Restaurant Progress. Every single item we had was delicious!


I ran 3 times and had a beer last week. All firsts since Sybil was born!


We survived our first dinner out as a family of four. Granted we got there at 5:05pm and had the restaurant to ourselves, but I’m still calling it a success.


Sybil celebrated her half birthday on Saturday. It’s a clique, but it’s been both the longest and shortest six months of my life. I shared her monthly photos on Instagram this weekend. It’s fun to see how she’s changed. What hasn’t changed is her blue eyes. Are we going to have a blue-eyed little girl?!


I am obsessed with these M.Gemi sneakers. They sold out in 1 day earlier this month. Now they are back for pre-orders until tonight. We’re really trying to be better about how we spend our money and I think I have to skip them. If you get them, please send me a photo so I can live through you!


Lawson started watching Thomas & Friends on PBS. I’ve found myself singing along to the theme song more than once. Is it embarrassing to admit I also dance to it?


Speaking of Lawson, he will be two in early April. He still doesn’t say many words no matter how much we prompt him. We read books every day and talk to him often. Any other tips to get him talking?

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