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Little Luv Update

Baby bump at 30 weeks

Weeks: 30, officially into the last trimester!

Baby Size: Similar to a small cabbage (almost 15 inches); at the ultrasound two weeks ago, he measured at 2 pounds, 14 oz. which puts him in the 63rd percentile. My little overachiever!

Fibroid Size: About the same as the last ultrasound (18cm x 14 cm x 8 cm). As the baby gets bigger, he’s pushing the fibroid to the left. There are times where it looks like I have an orange sticking out of my side!

Weight Gain: approximately 34 pounds

Cravings: fresh fruit and donuts. I might have to unfollow some people on Instagram that are feeding my donut craving.

Sleeping: I feel pretty lucky here. Most nights I sleep through with only one or two trips to the bathroom in an eight hour stretch. I’ve started to get more tired again, similar to the first trimester, leading to late afternoon naps. If I can power through without a nap, I sleep so much better at night.

Missing: Honestly, I miss having sandwiches for lunch. More than alcohol or caffeine, I miss sandwiches. Oh, and I also miss being able to get up from the couch on my own.

Feeling: an emotional roller coaster. I have honestly never been so prone to bouts of crying, even in my worst PMS days. From movies (The Theory of Everything is a fantastic movie but basically a 2 hour surge of emotions) to frustration (our house is a mess and I can’t even bend down anymore) to happiness (oh, let’s hang this photo of us from Greece in the house), it seems everything can turn into a reason to cry if it’s the right moment.

Wearing: pretty much the same as last time (mostly maternity jeans, leggings and basic shirts with non-maternity plaid shirts and jackets). Even my maternity shirts are getting a little short as this belly grows!

Preparing: by moving! We moved a couple of weeks ago and it’s been more work than I imagined. Packing up our condo was easy compared to unpacking and finding a place for everything. Now we’re getting settled and can really start to get ready for him!


Next week is my last “regular” doctor appointment and then I’ll start going twice a week. I didn’t realize I would be going so frequently the last several weeks, but I understand it’s standard protocol for women over 35. If you were at an “advanced maternal age” let me know what I can expect with these twice a week appointments.


Even with all the pregnancy heartburn and tears, I am trying to relish these last several weeks. It very well could be the only time in my life I experience it and I want to cherish and remember the little kicks and turns he makes each day. It’s still so hard to believe there’s a little human growing inside of me!


And now a comparison…22 weeks, 26 weeks, 30 weeks.


baby bump at 30 weeks

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  1. Shana wrote:

    Looking great, Erica! Way to go keeping my nephew safe and healthy and warm and growing strong. You’re already a wonderful mom!! Also great message, to relish it all, even through the tears (plus as you know, some of us don’t even have the excuse of pregnancy hormones to explain blubbering through the Theory of Everything..). xoxo

    Published 2.5.15