April Snow Showers

Madewell Eyelet Top

top: madewell (also worn here) // jacket: banana republic (similar, less expensive) // jeans: citizens of humanity // shoes: cole haan // bag: cult gaia // sunglasses: warby parker // necklace: maya brenner // bracelets: david yurman (here, here and here) // ring: david yurman

April snow showers bring May flowers? After a beautiful weekend, there’s snow in the forecast for the next 3 days. WTF, Colorado??! It also snowed the morning we shot these photos a couple of weeks ago. Not exactly the spring vibe I was going for!

I was talking to a girlfriend this weekend and comparing myself to others on Pinterest and Instagram. Basically complaining about why I don’t look like the vision of myself that I want to. The complaint can vary by day, but this particular day it was because I thought my jeans made me look too hippy.

Madewell Eyelet Top

She quickly told me I was crazy and brought up the fact that we are so much harder on ourselves. She’s totally right. It got me thinking about seeing myself how others see me. I’m almost positive no one is looking at me thinking “wow, that lady sure has some big hips.” More likely they think I seem to be a loving, patient and caring mother (at least I hope they do). And if they also think I have great style, even better!

On another note, Sybil has a cold again. It seems like her 100th cold of the season. She’s had a hard time going to sleep at night and her naps have been shorter than normal. Last night was the roughest yet. She cried as soon as we left the room. After 45 minutes I finally laid down with her until she fell asleep.

At the end of the day, I’m mentally and physically ready to turn my parenting hat off. When Sybil was struggling to fall asleep, I was frustrated. Didn’t she know I had things I wanted to do after their bedtime??

Then I felt selfish and guilty. She isn’t like this every night. Clearly she is uncomfortable or in pain. She just needed her mama to hold her hand as she fell asleep. Once I let go of the things I wanted to do, I really loved holding her hand, rubbing her soft skin, feeling her grip loosen as she fell asleep. And then I snuck right out of there crossing my fingers she sleeps through the night and is better in the morning!

Madewell Eyelet Top

photos by ana of rosemary & rye

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