My Favorite Face Masks

Face Masks for Small Faces

Who knew face masks/covering would become both a protection against a pandemic and a fashion accessory in 2020?? At first, I had 1-2 masks that I wore whenever I left the house. I quickly realized I needed to add a few to my collection. 

Now I have certain masks for when I want to coordinate with my outfit and others that are the most breathable for warm weather. I’ve grown to enjoy picking one out as we head out the door!

Once a week when I wash clothes, I gather all the face masks and put them into a laundry bag and wash on a regular cycle in the washing machine. To dry, I hang them on a clothes hanger. 

I have a smaller face and the Lele Sadoughi masks listed below are particularly good for my size head. 

ONE // Lele Sadoughi Cloud Masks: These are the masks I reach for when I want to coordinate with my outfit. The stars and pearls on these masks bring me happiness. 

TWO // Lele Sadoughi Performance Masks: On warmer summer days, these performance masks are the most breathable and comfortable. I don’t wear a mask when I run (there aren’t many people on our trail and I can maintain 6’ distance), but if I did I’d try these. 

THREE // Rhoback All-Inclusive Mask: Rhoback is a small U.S. company that makes golf polo shirts. They used the same fabric to make these face masks. It has a flexible wire insert along the top for a more comfortable fit. This mask covers more of my face than the others. It also comes in a lot of other patterns that are more masculine.   

Face Masks for Small Toddlers

For Little Faces

At 4 years old, Sybil is small for her age. Finding masks that didn’t fall right off of her was a challenge. I clicked on an Instagram ad for Alex and Nova and ordered one of the organic cotton masks for both Lawson and Sybil. Sybil wears the 2-4 year size, Lawson wears 4-8 years and I bought Jim the adult size in black. Lawson and Sybil also have this set of 2 face masks from Lele Sadoughi that fit them well.

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