Natural Skincare Products for Men

Natural Skincare Products for Men


For Christmas this year, Jim requested new skincare products. In my quest to use more natural products, I wanted to pick a men’s line that would meet that criteria. I had no idea how hard it would be to find!


I found a couple of articles really helpful in my search: Budget Friendlier Natural Beauty Brands and The 10 Best Natural Skin-care Brands for Dudes. The first isn’t specific to men, but it helped point me in the right direction. I was shocked¬†to find some of the brands I thought of as natural had chemicals in them. Maybe not surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of natural/organic lines specific to men.


After researching the options, I settled on 3 items from John Masters Organics Men; 1) face wash/shave foam, 2) moisturizer/aftershave, and 3) firming eye gel¬†(the eye gel isn’t specific to men). I liked the 2-for-1 products and that the line was specific to men. It’s only been a few weeks that Jim has been using them, but so far he’s been happy. If the guy in your life has a birthday coming up, keep these in mind!


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