No TV?

No TV?


Last Friday I mentioned we started a new rule: no TV on Saturday. This means all day, including sporting events and movies. Even if Rory and Tiger are on top of the leaderboard or there’s a Laguna Beach marathon. The only exceptions are watching while you’re working out or at a restaurant.


A logical question would be “why decide to ban television for an entire day and on the weekend no less?” And the answer is relatively simple…we found we were sitting on the couch watching more TV than we’d like. There was some initial discussion about Saturday vs. Sunday. We went with Saturday because after a long week at work, we’d like to spend more time outside. The fact Downton Abbey is on Sunday didn’t hurt either.


Although it’s only been two weeks so far, I’d argue it was a great decision. We’ve spent more time together and had real conversations. It’s actually been a lot of fun to dream up ideas to get out of the house too.  Mostly we’ve shopped and ate so I’m looking forward to being more active with some hiking or cycling. Otherwise not watching TV could get a little expensive!


What do you think, could you ban TV for a day? How about a week?


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