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Pregnancy Essentials

pregnancy essentials


A few weeks ago I wrote about the clothes that have gotten me through this pregnancy. Today I wanted to share the products that I’ve found to be essential whether they’ve helped me to be a little more comfortable or pass the time when insomnia strikes.


Throughout the past 9 months, I’ve rotated between three lotions for my belly in an effort to keep it stretch mark free: 1) L’Occitane Shea Butter, 2) Earth Mama Body Butter, and 3) Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter. The shea butter is the thickest, but I’ve liked all of them. I’ll report back in a few weeks to let you know if they worked or not. :)

It’s not a guarantee you’ll experience bum “issues” when pregnant, but if you do the Earth Mama Bottom Balm is the best. It’s natural and organic, which is important to me. I’ve also heard it’s great for post-labor too.

The first pregnancy gift I received was a body pillow. Although I’m ready to get rid of it so I can huddle up with my luv, it’s been a lifesaver. In the early months, it helped to alleviate pressure on my hips, shoulders and back from sleeping on my side. In the last weeks, it helps to support my belly at night.


We didn’t want to read a ton of books since we both believe we’ll need to figure out what works for us. That said, we needed some help. These are the books we found helpful: 1) Baby Owner’s Manual for an easy to read refresher on the basics (we actually read it out loud to each other at night which was a lot of fun), 2) Bringing up Bebe for another perspective, and 3) Babywise: Giving Your Baby the Gift of Nighttime Sleep to help us all get as much sleep as soon as possible. Last, I loved Dr. Suess books as a child so when we received Oh Baby, the Places You’ll Go as a Christmas gift, I couldn’t have been more excited. It’s meant to be read to your baby-to-be throughout your pregnancy. I think we’ve read it 50 times and have it mostly memorized, but it’s become a fun nighttime tradition.


After learning that dehydration is the #1 cause of premature labor and being advised to drink 96 oz. a day, I really made an effort to step up my water intake. A large water bottle is key. I know I need to drink three of these a day, which isn’t always easy but I do my best.


When insomnia strikes (and I guarantee it will), my iPad has been a godsend. In the middle of the night, I can grab it and hop on Pinterest, Facebook or research any number of pregnancy ailments. If that doesn’t work, I’ve been making my way through Friends on Netflix. It’s even funnier than I remember!


While it may be too late for me, I’d love to hear what’s helped you throughout your pregnancy!

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  1. Sabrina Perkins wrote:

    Mine were pretty much the same as yours–My obnoxiously large body pillow that wrapped around both sides of me like a horse shoe and pinteresting in the middle of the night. But I also recommend prenatal massages (I got several at Dolce) and those really alleviated the body aches. Good luck Erica! Let me know if you need help dropping Jim hints for push-present ideas :)

    Published 3.23.15