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Summer Skin and Hair Care Routine

Summer Beauty Routine


And just like that, it’s August! There’s something fun about starting a new month on a Monday. Like everyone gets to reset to tackle the week and month. My dad arrives this morning for a few days to help me out with Lawson and stuff around the house. He’s got a lot to pack into a short amount of time. I hope he isn’t planning on napping!


Since having Lawson and staying at home with him, my beauty routine has run the gamut from nonexistent to minimal. And my summer beauty routine is even more streamlined. Why spend a lot of time getting ready when you could be outdoors enjoying the sunshine (or in my case running after a toddler)?!


I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m trying to switch out my products for more natural options. I’ve been most successful doing this in my skincare routine. I am lucky in the sense that my skin is easier to manage when I’m pregnant. Otherwise I struggle with occasional breakouts. I’m pretty religious about washing my face before bed each night and have been using Tata Harper products for the past 18 months. I start with the refreshing cleanser, followed by the concentrated brightening serum, repairative moisturizer and restorative eye cream. I also try to do a mask twice a week rotating between the Tata Harper resurfacing mask (great to add a natural glow before an event or whenever you need a pick me up), May Lindstrom The Honey Mud (smells so good you want to eat it) and the most recent addition, the raw cacao mask from Urban Oreganics (came in a recent mom & tot box).


Summer Beauty Routine


For hair and body products, I also keep it pretty simple. I’ll admit I only wash my hair once or twice a week. And let’s be honest, most weeks it is closer to once. I’m not working out right now, which definitely helps cut down on washings. I’ve been the least successful in switching out hair care products to more natural versions, mostly because there aren’t as many options and the ones out there are pretty expensive. I guess I’ve chosen to spend my money on skincare instead.


Anyway, there are a few newer to me products that help stretch out my style in between washings. I consistently use macadamia natural oil deep repair masque as my conditioner. I’ll also use the Living proof night cap protector once or twice a week. It leaves my hair silky smooth in the morning. The smell can be a little much so if you’re sensitive to fragrances, I’d recommend skipping this one. I’d read a ton of great reviews on the Oribe dry texturizing spray. It’s pricey so I found a travel size version before committing to the full size expense, but I most definitely will once mine runs out. It’s a dry shampoo that doesn’t feel like a dry shampoo and gives me actual volume (my hair is thinner and can get pretty flat). I’m still on the hunt for a light hairspray that doesn’t smell too much, but I’ve been using the Drybar money maker for now. It’s a flexible hairspray…I can’t stand when my hair doesn’t move after using a hairspray.


As for my body summer beauty routine, I limit it to the essentials: body lotion and deodorant. I just started using the Beautycounter body lotion, which I love so far. The scent is minimal and it’s a safer product (if you’re interested in trying Beautycounter products, my friend Kia would love to help you). I didn’t wear deodorant for ages, but I swear my internal temperature is 10 degrees warmer when pregnant. After a few too many questionable scents radiating from me, I started using the Agent Nateur organic deodorant. I haven’t tried other organic/natural options, but love that this one comes in a stick form and works!


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