Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Santa is officially finished buying gifts for Lawson and Sybil’s stockings. Each year I like to fill them with some things they need (toothpaste, socks), little toys, and educational items. 

Lawson and Sybil each get a bigger item from Santa and 3 items from us: clothing, a book, and a toy. This year they are also getting two shared Santa gifts – Magna-Tiles Metropolis and a Luge Sled. 

I have the best luck finding little toys and games from browsing our local toy store. Most can be found online too and I’ve linked to them whenever possible. 

Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Plus Plus Holiday: We have a set of Plus Plus that we take on road and plane trips. I bought these sometime over the summer when they were on clearance for a stocky stuffer.

Paint by Stickers Santa: By the end of this list, you’ll see how much the kiddos like activity books by the sheer number I’ve bought for their stockings! I’m a fan of whatever will contribute to a more enjoyable dinnertime period for all of us. 

Usborne First Unicorn and Fairy Activity Books: Sybil LOVES the Usborne First activity books. I couldn’t find these anywhere else and had to order these directly from the Usborne site. They are a great first activity pad and pretty easy for her to do them on her own. She’s occupied for hours with them.

Wooden Bookmark: This seller has a ton of options – Lawson’s bookmark has a star and Sybil’s has a gymnast.

Chunkies Metallic Paint Sticks: Chunkies Paint Sticks are a go to gift when paired with a pad of paper. I thought the glitter/metallic option would be a fun addition to our stash. 

Rubik’s Edge: I couldn’t find a link for the Edge, but the Rubik’s Mini is similar. Lawson saw a friend with a puzzle cube

Toothpaste: I swear they eat have the tube of toothpaste so they are always in need of more. 

Bath Balms: While the kids take more showers than baths these days, a bath bomb is still a hit in our house. These are fun holiday themed options.

Western Birch Golf Tees: Some golf tees in their favorite colors for our family golf course outings. 

Mudpuppy Space Puzzle: I hope Lawson will always enjoy doing puzzles with us. I’ll foster the hobby for as long as I can. 500 piece puzzles are our sweet spot – they take a few days, but aren’t too difficult that we both end up frustrated.

Knife Set: My kitchen helpers are forever asking to cut things. I finally feel like they are old enough for this set.

Highlights Alphabet Practice Pad: Sybil is working on her letters, sounds, reading and spelling. I think this practice pad will help will all of the above!

Superhero Tonie: 

Off Bits Vehicle Kit: Since Lawson loves building with LEGOs so much, I thought he might like this build it yourself vehicle kit.

Story Cubes: Sybil has a great imagination and likes to make up stories so this one is going in her stocking.








Photo by Genevieve Rusnac on Unsplash

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