Weekend Roundup

summer olympics style


The Summer Olympics are here! I am always excited for the Olympics and even more so this year. I don’t know if it’s because there will be something fun to occupy our next couple of weeks or that it gives us something to do while hiding out from the heat. Probably both. Either way, I’m ready to break out my red, white and blue and cheer on my favorite athletes from gymnastics to track to swimming. Can we all agree the Summer Olympics are better than the Winter?!


And now for our week…it was so nice to have my dad here for a short visit. We (okay, he) replaced a smoke detector in the nursery that we discovered didn’t work (never a good feeling), patched some holes and cleaned out the leaves from our garage and patio. He also managed to make dinner twice and have lots of play time with Lawson while I went to doctor and other appointments.


Speaking of doctor appointments, 20 days until littler luv arrives! My amniotic fluid levels are holding steady, which is great news. The blood flow to baby is a little slower (or lower?) than normal, but she seems to be doing well. The doctor didn’t seem too concerned. I have my weekly ultrasound on Monday so we’ll get another check of both the fluid and blood flow. Sometimes it’s good to be old and need all this monitoring!



The Olympics of course! My viewing started last night with the special on NBC. The gymnasts were the best…giggling throughout the interview and making fun of Ryan Seacrest. The opening ceremonies are tonight and I’ll definitely be watching.



I fully allow myself a snack each day. Lately I’ve been alternating between a GoodPop popsicle (my favorite flavors are chocolate milk and hibiscus mint) and 1-2 pieces of Lake Champlain chocolate. It’s a great little treat without adding a ton of calories.



I finally bought the Lumineers recent album, Cleopatra. I put it on each morning and we start our day with a dance party. Such a fun way to start the day!




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