Weekend Roundup: No. 177


Swell Traveler


Happy Friday! This short week (Jim had off school on Monday) felt longer than it should. My mood throughout the week rises and falls along with Lawson and Sybil’s. We had back to back short nap (Sybil) / no nap (Lawson) days that really wore me out.


This week I started doing 20-30 minute preschool sessions with Lawson each day during Sybil’s nap. He gets excited to “play school” and we both enjoy the one on one time. While I love to read books with the kids, education isn’t my strength as a parent. A few months ago, Mandy┬ámentioned an at-home preschool curriculum that I looked into and purchased. So far we’ve gone on a treasure hunt for A’s, sorted apples by color and size, and painted 10 apples on a drawing of our head.


I’m planning on doing Whole30 in February and have been prepping a bit. I feel like I’m going to be hungry for 30 days. I’m actually looking forward to it, but if you have any tips or tricks please send them my way!


Jim has class tomorrow morning and then is going to see his brother until Sunday night. I’m not going to lie, the weekend seems a little daunting after the week we’ve had. Fingers crossed I’ll work on a couple of blog posts, watch an episode of The Crown and go to bed early. We have a split household for the NFC championship game on Sunday night with Jim cheering for his hometown Philadelphia Eagles while I’m rooting for the Vikings.



I started off the week doing three things each day that are just for me. It’s been a long time since I put myself ahead of everyone else. I don’t want to jinx it by talking about it too soon so more to come on this one soon!



I went to the dentist for a cleaning in late December to find out I have a tooth with a root that is receding (no idea if that’s the technical term). I woke up yesterday morning and that tooth hurt. Now I have a sense of urgency to see the orthodontist and figure out what’s going on (I have a permanent retainer on the tooth which is the reason I need to see an orthodontist). We no longer have dental insurance…so it’s anyone’s guess how much this is going to cost.



It’s no secret I’m a fan of Swell water bottles. It made my best purchase of 2016 list and I added another one to my collection last summer. I didn’t think I could love a water bottle more until Jim gifted me the Swell Traveler for Christmas. It’s big (20 oz, also comes in 12 and 16 oz versions), keeps my water ice cold and solves the complaints I had about the original. The wider mouth is great for adding ice cubes and you can actually see when the bottle is about to get full (plus the wider opening equals less spills). It’s also easier to hold and I don’t feel like I’m going to break my toe if I accidentally drop it on my foot. If drinking more water is one of your new year’s resolutions, I highly recommend it. I’m going on day five of 60+ oz a day!



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