Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving! I love our little family of three and couldn’t be more grateful for our health and happiness. Since having Lawson, I truly realize how quickly each day passes. I do my best to treasure each and every one of them. We make a great team…our little trio.

This year I couldn’t be more thankful for our families. Having a baby isn’t easy, especially the first few months. Our parents and siblings have all taken time out of their busy lives to help and support us. I’m speaking for both of us, but we couldn’t have made it through without them. And I have a new appreciation for my mom. I rely on her advice more than I ever thought I would. She’s always there to offer guidance (it doesn’t hurt that I FaceTime her a lot so she also gets a peek at Lawson too) while letting us figure out our own parenting approach.

I’m extra grateful for all of you. I haven’t been the most consistent blogger this year and the fact that you’re still hanging around reading interested in my life means the world to me. I started blogging because it was fun and it is. But it’s even better when people actually read. :)

So here’s to wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family and friends eating  your heart out!

Oh, and I’m also thankful that Lawson sleeps 10 hours a night. Really, really thankful for that one!



photo by creative wonderland

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