The Best of 2016

The Best of 2016


Wow, another year is coming to a close tomorrow. It’s absolutely crazy how fast it’s gone. There have been plenty of highlights this year, most notably Sybil’s birth! Below is the best of 2016 along with my top 5 Instagram posts for the year (lots of my babies, which isn’t a surprise – they are the cutest!).



  • On January 4th I took a pregnancy test fully expecting it to confirm I wasn’t pregnant. Nope, turns out I was!
  • Cacie started taking my outfit photos. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made in my blog.
  • Continued my wardrobe essentials series highlighting my favorite ankle boots and neutral cardigans. Do you guys like this series? Should I feature it more consistently in 2017?
  • My parents visited us for a long weekend.
  • Shared my top 10 baby essentials for 3-6 months. I’m using them again!



  • My brother came to visit and I spilled my pregnancy news.
  • Shared our top 10 books for babies. It’s interesting how many are still in our regular rotation almost a year later.
  • I indulged my love of plaid in one of my favorite outfits ever (and that’s saying a lot).


The Best of 2016



  • Enjoyed a visit from one of my oldest friends when she was in town.
  • Put my thoughts about ending breastfeeding with Lawson into a 2-part blog post (part I, part II)
  • Finally announced we were expecting a little girl!
  • Partnered with a long-time favorite brand, Banana Republic, to share their spring style.



  • Made granola for the first time and proceeded to make another batch every couple of months for the rest of the year
  • Headed to Palm Springs for a weekend getaway.
  • Celebrated Lawson’s first birthday!
  • Pregnancy outfit posts continued with one of my favorite shirts that I wore until the very end.



  • Put together an infographic on Lawson’s first year. I forgot I did this! I should get started on one for his 2nd year…
  • Took a family trip to Portland where Lawson saw the ocean for the first time (and I missed my first flight)
  • Shared my real thoughts on being pregnant again. I wasn’t in a very good place early this year, but I made some positive changes and was able to find happiness in the every day. It’s a good reminder for me now.
  • Visited family in Minnesota for 10 days.


The Best of 2016



  • Went to Hawaii with Jim’s family to celebrate his dad’s birthday!
  • Made it to the 3rd trimester and shared a 30-week update


  • Started twice a week monitoring appointments (chalk it up to my advanced maternal age).
  • Did what I do best and made a couple of lists, our summer bucket and summer reading lists
  • Embraced the off the shoulder trend with this boho dress
  • Spent 36 hours in LA on a girl’s shopping trip. It was so much fun I want to make it an annual event!
  • As I slowed down in the last few weeks of pregnancy, Jim’s mom came for a long weekend to help out.



  • Was glued to the tv watching the summer olympics while trying to stay cool
  • Packed our hospital bag
  • Partnered with Banana Republic again (can’t wait to wear those pink pumps this spring!)
  • Celebrated my 40th birthday with donuts, cupcakes and these boots
  • Sybil Adelaide Cole was born!
  • Started to settle into life as a family of 4


The Best of 2016





  • I survived. That’s the high point for October.


The Best of 2016



  • We started to get into a bit more of a groove.
  • Finally took Sybil’s newborn and our family photos!
  • Sybil turned 3 months old and got over her reflux and colic (yay!!!).
  • Shared my favorite must have baby items in partnership with Baby Cubby.



  • Grateful for my brother’s 48 hour visit to meet Sybil and play with Lawson
  • Celebrated Sybil’s first Christmas!
  • Sang lots of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to Lawson


While I usually like to set intentions and brainstorm a word to define the upcoming year, I’m giving myself a break. While it gets easier to parent these two kids each day, it’s still more effort than I ever imagined. So instead I’m aiming to enjoy every moment and hoping to land somewhere around 90%. These days will be a distant memory before long.


What about you, do you have goals for the year?



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