Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup: the curated closet


Hello, it’s me. I’m wondering after all these weeks if anyone’s still reading? Sorry, I couldn’t resist starting with some modified Adele lyrics. And I’m sorry for disappearing for the past month.


If you’ve been following on Instagram, you know Sybil hasn’t been the easiest baby. She started with reflux that would leave her screaming for hours at night until she finally wore herself out and fell asleep. It was enough to drive me insane. Honestly, it was maddening. Fingers crossed, but it seems she’s outgrown the worst of the reflux. Now for the but…she’s replaced the reflux with terrible gas pains. Overall she’s much better during the day and most of the night. However, she consistently wakes up at 4am in pain. Sometimes she’s up for an hour and others she’s up until Lawson wakes and our day officially begins.


I’ve heard people refer to the first 3 months as the 4th trimester. There’s so much development and learning to live outside that babies do during this period. I’m hopeful in the next month Sybil will settle into more of a routine. She’s already losing her newborn fresh out of the womb look. I can’t say I’m sad to leave this period behind!


And now on to some links for the week. Before you get into them, I want to thank you for sticking with me. I didn’t intend to take a break when Sybil was born. I really love this little space and plan on resuming posting 3 days a week. There’s so much I want to share, including my annual holiday gift guides that I’ve been busy brainstorming! Alright, now it’s truly on to the links. Have a wonderful fall weekend. If you’re celebrating Halloween, stay safe and have fun!



While I’m ready for sweater weather, the reality is we’ll be wearing short sleeves for a bit longer. My friend bought this striped whisper cotton v-neck tee and I had to get one for myself. It’s now on sale for $20!



I’m a sucker for beauty related clickbait on Facebook. I often click on anything from Into the Gloss. Their interviews are one of my favorite features. They recently came out with a list of the top 25 products of 2016. I can vouch for the concealer, brow boy and liquid soap! Also, I’m almost halfway through what might be my favorite book ever: the curated closet. I feel like I used to know my style well, but since having kids I’ve been a little lost. The book seems just the thing to help me figure it out. I plan on reporting back when I’m finished.



Jim got me an Amazon Echo for my birthday. It’s so convenient and has seriously increased the amount of music we listen to throughout the day. I don’t like to have the TV on much during the day with Lawson around, but sometimes want background noise. It’s a bonus that Lawson loves to dance (the Lumineers are his favorite).



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