Four Things I Realized After Shopping Less

The Striped Sheep

shirt: the striped sheep // jeans: citizens of humanity // shoes: adidas // bag: chloe // sunglasses: warby parker // necklace: maya brenner // bracelets: david yurman (here, here and here) // ring: david yurman

At the beginning of the year I made a conscious effort to spend less. All those online orders for Lawson, Sybil and myself, trips to Target and Amazon Prime orders were adding up quickly.

It’s been four months now. I’m happy to report I have decreased spending in those categories. I’ve also learned a few things in the process.

Sticking to our Budget

With more focus on shopping less, it’s been easier to stick to our budget. We are a one income household, which allows me to stay at home with Lawson and Sybil. Spending less makes me feel like I’m doing my part to meet our financial goals.

Because it’s such a mix of household items, groceries, clothing and gifts, Target still seems to get me. So I started setting an individual trip budget and limiting trips to once a month whenever possible.

The shirt I’m wearing in these photos from The Striped Sheep is one of 3 clothing items I bought for myself in the first quarter of the year. I couldn’t pass up a striped shirt while also supporting a small, woman-owned business!

Addicted to Deliveries

I didn’t realize how much I looked forward to package deliveries. For awhile, we were getting Amazon, Gap or Madewell packages delivered almost daily. And it was fun. It gave me something to look forward during Sybil’s afternoon nap. Lawson would run out the front door to pick up the package and we’d open it together. It was almost addicting.

Environmental Impact

Our recycling container isn’t nearly as full as it used to be, which makes me feel good. Sure, all that online shopping is convenient, but there’s a big impact on the environment. The reduced environmental impact is probably the most important realization for me.

Now if I place an online order, I’ll try to group as many products together as possible. This is especially true on Amazon where it’s so easy to make a one off purchase.

Quality Over Quantity

The past few years I’ve moved more towards a focus on quality clothing purchases. While I don’t follow a true capsule wardrobe, I do wear the same items over and over. I’d rather spend more money on items that I know will last longer. Supporting brands that are sustainable is also important to me (Everlane, Patagonia, M. Gemi).

Other than sticking to our budget, I didn’t have any expectations when I set out to spend less. Becoming aware of my online shopping addiction, the environmental impact and a focus on quality purchases have all been added bonuses.

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