The Week in Outfits: No. 11

I can’t say I was excited about any of the outfits I wore this past week. There were quite a few grey, cold days. Combined with a nasty cold for Sybil, it just felt like a grey week all around.

Cold Weather Outfit

SATURDAY: sweater // turtleneck // jeans // boots // coat // tote

Tippi Lace Sweater

SUNDAY: sweater // jeans // boots // coat

In an effort to wear these jeans with something other than grey or black, I paired them with a burgundy sweater. Separately I love the sweater and jeans. Together, not so much.

Ugg Boots

MONDAY: sweatshirt // scarf // leggings // boots // coat // tote

I felt and looked like a Monday in this outfit. After skipping a workout on Sunday, I dressed for it right away on Monday morning.

J Crew Teddy Coat

TUESDAY: sweater // jeans (similar) // boots // coat // tote

Everlane Sweatshirt

WEDNESDAY: sweatshirt // jeans // sneakers (similar) // coat // tote

Culk Sweatshirt

THURSDAY: sweatshirt (so soft!) // jeans (similar) // sneakers (similar)

I hadn’t showered in 48 hours, I put oil in my hair the night before with every intention of getting up early to shower. Then, Sybil woke up sick starting at 11:30 and I just could not get it together before bringing Lawson to gymnastics.

Nau Jacket

FRIDAY: sweater // jeans // socks //  boots // jacket // tote // cup (also here and here)

Finally, a day I felt somewhat like my best self! It was another sick day for Sybil, but at least I showered and washed my hair before taking the kiddos out to lunch. Let’s hope next week brings a little more inspiration to my daily outfits!

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