Top 11 Ragnar Must-Haves



As I mentioned last week, I’m running Ragnar Del Sol with 5 friends this weekend. This is my 8th Ragnar, but first as an Ultra team (so there’s six of us instead of the usual 12). As a girl who likes to plan everything from my outfits to food and drink, spending 30 hours in a van with 5 other people could be a nightmare, but I’d like to think we’ve gotten pretty good at this stuff.  I’m really looking forward to running with some of my favorite Smellies! Here are my top 11 items that I bring on every Ragnar adventure. Our rule is all personal items have to fit in one duffel sized bag and you must put each running outfit in a ziploc bag.  Clean running clothes come out of the bag and sweaty clothes go back and get zipped up immediately, which is key to maintaining your sanity after spending 30 hours in a van. If you don’t follow the rules, you won’t be asked back for the next race!


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