Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

A quick post with a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids.

For Valentine’s Day I followed our rule limiting gifts to 3 items + a card. I also wanted to focus on smaller businesses and items that would stand the test of time better than some toys do.

For Lawson, I found this sweatshirt from a small, female owned business ($5 from every purchase this month benefits The Children’s Heart Foundation). It is Valentine’s Day themed with the heart, but isn’t too red/pink.

Sybil is getting this graphic tee for her “wear” item from another small, female owned business. We actually gave her this same shirt for her 2nd birthday and she wore it all the time.

One of my favorite gifts I’ve given Lawson and Sybil was a piece of artwork for their first Christmas. I really like the idea of a gift that will grow with them and they can take into their own homes someday (if they choose).

These Blocks of Love are signed mini editions of Kerri Rosenthal artwork that are stand alone plexi-glass sculptures. I ordered the 4×4 Block of Love in Be Anything for Sybil and Hello I Love Me for Lawson (he has a shirt with the same saying that he wears all the time).

For books, I chose The Love Letter and I Am Love.

Other Valentine’s Day themed books we have and love include In My Heart, Here Comes Valentine Cat, Love Is, A Crankenstein Valentine, and Words on Your Heart.

A few other heart themed items for kids that I like: these pajamas (50% off), this Minnie Mouse sweatshirt, pink and white striped shirt, heart pillow, gummy hearts, crayons, bracelet, and mini granola bars.

Jim and I don’t exchange gifts for Valentine’s Day, but if we did I’d definitely take a bottle of my go to pink nail polish, a pair of pink and red boxers, a sweatshirt (or this one), or these Bombas socks.

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