Valentine’s Day Toddler Books

Valentine's Day Toddler Books

While I was never one to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day before having kids, I love giving Lawson and Sybil a little gift and note to celebrate the day. These are the Valentine’s Day toddler books that we have and love.

ONE // Lola Dutch: This was Sybil’s birthday book. It was a nightly pick by both of them for quite awhile.

TWO // Feelings: We gave Sybil this book for Christmas. She has very big emotional swings and I want to make sure we’re helping explain those feelings to her and help her navigate them.

THREE // Hug Machine: This board book has been a go to for several years. Both Lawson and Sybil like it and of course I always like an extra hug at the end.

FOUR // Words and Your Heart: This book explains how words impact the feeling in your heart. Lawson told me I was a stupid mom yesterday so clearly we need to read this book more. In all seriousness, books like these help me parent. When Lawson does say something hurtful to me, it’s easy to reference books we’ve read and talk about the situation through that lens.

FIVE // my heart: This is a beautifully illustrated book. Jim thinks it’s strange, but I love it.

SIX // Love is: Another beautifully illustrated book that makes me tear up almost every time we read it. There’s something about the little girl watching the duckling grow up and fly away always to return home.

SEVEN // romeo & juliet: A quick and easy board book. When Lawson and Sybil were learning to count, this was a go to.

EIGHT // In My Heart: This is one of my top 10 favorite books. I love the message. It’s a beautiful book that helps explain all those big feelings.

NINE // I Love You, Stinky Face: I got this book at my baby shower for Lawson 5 years ago. 5 years!! We’re starting to give away our board books, but have kept this one around.

This Valentine’s Day, we’ll be adding Here Comes Valentine Cat and Love from the Crayons to our collection. I also picked up these pink leggings for Sybil and am still brainstorming another item for Lawson.

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