Weekend Roundup

Heading down the slide
playing at the park last weekend


Friday always feels like such a relief no matter what our week was like. We made it! This week was the best kind of busy. A full day with my parents after their flight was cancelled, dinner with a friend and her cute daughter and coffee with another friend and her 3-week old baby. I forgot how little newborns are!



For months I’ve been on a search for the perfect striped shirt. There are a million options out there, but it’s been harder to find than I thought. Ideally I’d like one classic navy and white striped shirt and a light grey and white striped tee. Saint James is known to have some of the best. Of course, they’re also an investment. The Saint James for J. Crew striped tee looks like it could be a strong contender to add to my wardrobe. With the money I’ve spent searching for the perfect tee, I could have bought one of these instead! Have you found the perfect striped tee? I need help!



While scrolling through Hulu earlier this week, we came across Happy Endings. The series never really caught on. It only lasted 3 seasons, but was one of my favorites. So I turned on the pilot and proceeded to watch the first 3 episodes. I’m pretty sure I’ll find my way through all 3 seasons again soon. If you’re bored on a Friday night, I highly recommend it for a few laughs. This article explains why it was so great.



Tom Ford Noir pour Femme is my new go-to perfume for winter. I tried it out last year, put it on my wish list and was lucky enough to get it for Christmas. Some days perfume is the finishing touch on a great outfit. Other days it’s the only thing that makes me feel somewhat put together. This one’s a little heavy, which is perfect for winter months.


I’ll be sharing our weekend adventures on instagram and snapchat (erica.kartak), which usually means lots of Lawson! Oh let’s be honest, that’s every day. Have a great weekend!

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