Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup Pool Time


Happy weekend and Earth Day! We’re in full on pool weather here in Arizona. Lawson and I have been enjoying late afternoon swim sessions. At times it can seem like a lot of work to get us both ready when we won’t last more than 30 minutes, but I can’t pass up this little guy in his swim trunks and hat!


After being out of town, hosting visitors or finalizing our taxes for the past few weeks, we’re looking forward to a low-key weekend without plans. Of course I have a couple of things I’d like to get done…really exciting stuff like shopping for a double stroller (yikes!). Hopefully you have something fun going on!



I ordered these cosabella short sleeve boxer pjs during the Shopbop friends and family sale a few weeks ago. They are so soft! Other than my holiday pjs, this is only the second pair of pajamas I own. I had tried a Splendid set, but they weren’t as soft as my other Splendid pieces I love. The cosabella short sleeve set aren’t on sale at Shopbop anymore, but I did find them 30% at the Saks friends & family sale!



Have you made your own granola? I wanted to give it a try for months after never finding a granola at the store that I really loved. Well I finally made this oatmeal chocolate chunk granola last week and can not stop eating it. Honestly, I think I’ve had some every single day, which now that I think about it maybe isn’t that great for me! I mix it with yogurt for breakfast or an afternoon snack. I’ve also found myself grabbing a few handfuls in the afternoon when hunger strikes. The recipe makes a lot (2+ big mason jars) and is super easy. I’ll be making my second batch this weekend.

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