Weekend Roundup

Tackling the Stairs


We’re on the slow side of baby proofing, generally waiting until we are forced to make a change. It looks like the time has come for us to figure out the stairs! I wouldn’t be so frightened if we didn’t have tile at the bottom. The thought of Lawson tumbling down onto the tile leaves me more than a little anxious.


I’m happy to say this week was much better than our tough one last week. I started it off with girl’s night on Monday and we had a fun visit with friends on Wednesday before picking up my brother at the airport yesterday. Oh, and we booked a last minute trip to Portland for next weekend! I’ve never spent time in Portland and am super excited to explore a new city. This weekend will be spent researching places to eat, shop and see. If you have any recommendations, please send them my way!



When looking for tank tops to wear to barre class, I found these Mossimo loose tanks from Target. At just $10 each, I immediately ordered a couple of them! As the name describes, they are loose fitting. I sized up from my normal xs to a small, which fits my belly, but otherwise I’d stick with my normal size.



In the past few months, I’ve started planning our meals for the week each Sunday and grocery shopping on Monday. This week I made a tasty mediterranean baked chicken that I’ll definitely be making again. Lawson ate lots of the chicken, but sadly his white beans ended up scattered across the floor.



I started going to barre3 almost 6 weeks ago and love it. My goal is to make it to class twice a week. It’s a great mix of ballet barre, pilates and yoga. The instructors are encouraging and supportive of all body types and abilities. I never feel uncomfortable with my big belly and they offer lots of modifications for everyone.

Cheers to a fabulous weekend!



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