Weekend Roundup

Pineapple Swimsuit


If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw this photo from earlier this week (swim trunks, sunglasses and baby swimsuit ($10!). It’s so stinking cute I couldn’t pass up using it for today’s post too. I thought I loved shopping for little boy clothes…I think I’m in trouble! 


After feeling down and out for a week with roseola (high fever for 3-5 days followed by a non-itching rash for 2 days), Lawson finally started to turn the corner. And by Wednesday my happy little guy was back! It’s just another reminder that any time he strays from his normal, happy self something is wrong. After several nights of 3-5 hours of sleep, I had started to get frustrated and lose some of my patience. So happy he’s happy again!


Tomorrow Lawson & I head to Minnesota to escape the heat and some family time. Since I won’t be able to travel in July and August when it’s regularly 110+ here, I planned a couple of trips beforehand to make it more manageable.



Okay, so I can’t actually wear this sleeveless midi dress right now, but if I could I’d snatch it up in a hurry. It leans towards more more fitting. If that isn’t your thing, I also love this racerback shift dress. It comes in a ton of colors and is less than $50!



I mentioned it on Snapchat (erica.kartak), but I currently have 4 books in my reading queue: spark joy, the whole-brain child, no bad kids and diastasis recti (my abs separated during Lawson’s pregnancy and never went back together before I got pregnant again). I also pre-ordered Emma Straub’s new book, Modern Lovers, that will be available on May 31st. I loved The Vacationers and thought it sounded like a great summer read! Now to find time to read all of them…



Last night we finally watched Spotlight. It was definitely worthy of its Best Picture win this year. I highly recommend it.



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