Weekend Roundup

Hawaii Sunset


We’re in Hawaii for our last few days before heading back home. It’s been a great trip, minus the stomach bug Lawson passed along to me that’s wiped me out for the past 3 days. The stomach bug is one thing to deal with, but it was also causing me to have some contractions that were a little more regular than I would have liked. Luckily lots of fluids and rest helped a ton. Fingers crossed I wake up tomorrow feeling better and can enjoy the end of our trip as much as I did the beginning!


Today we’re heading to Pearl Harbor and then taking a drive to the east side of Oahu. On Saturday and Sunday, I hope to get a little sun and relaxing in.



At this point in my pregnancy, I’m searching for clothes that work for both pregnancy and nursing. One of my favorite brands is Loyal Hana. I’m obsessed with their Marni jumpsuit (seen on me here). I found it so important to maintain my sense of style during pregnancy and nursing by investing in a few key pieces. Use code LuvBubble20 to save 20% on your Loyal Hana order! If you need inspiration, I’ve also got my eye on the Cybelle dress and the Tara shirt.


I raved about my Truffle clarity pouch on Instagram last week that’s now on sale plus an additional 20% off with code SUMMERESCAPE. I have the small clarity pouch in raspberry aqua mint. Since I generally carry a large tote, it is so helpful to be able to easily find it in my bag and know exactly what is inside.



Yesterday I found myself in the midst of a Flip or Flop marathon on HGTV. I do not understand how they buy homes sight unseen. That seems far too risky for me. Of course I didn’t mind getting sucked into watching all of the renovations. But why don’t they tell you the selling price?!



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