Weekend Roundup

Weekend tea at Alfred's Tea Room on Melrose


Doesn’t it feel like July, and the entire summer for that matter, is flying by?! I had such a fun time in LA shopping and eating last weekend that this one will be tough to match. A full recap of our 36 hours in LA will be on the blog next week! I’m starting this weekend off with a manicure today. It’s one of my favorite ways to relax. Tomorrow we have swim and hopefully a nap. I woke up on Wednesday with a scratchy throat again marking the 3rd time I’ve been sick in the past 6 weeks. I’m mostly a glass half full kinda person, but I’m a little sick of being sick. Isn’t 9 months pregnant in the summer enough for a girl?!


P.S. I finally tried a boba tea last weekend at Alfred’s in LA. Best non-alcoholic drink I’ve ever had. I don’t think it had anything to do with the tapioca balls. They tasted like fruit jellies and weren’t my favorite.



Between the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and M.Gemi’s sale, my credit card is getting a workout. My first online order arrived yesterday and I’ve got a few more coming. Don’t worry, some are bound to be returned! One of my favorite finds is this Pleione blouse. All the colors are great, but I’m partial to the black and pink. You can find all of my favorites for women, men and kids here.

M.Gemi sales only happen twice a year. Some of my favorites are the Anima, Felize, Brezza, Nuca and Banda. Decisions, decisions!



A couple of weeks ago we were at a loss to find something to watch on TV. Instead we raided our game stash (which is pretty small so it was a quick raid) and found one we’d gotten for Christmas but hadn’t played yet. We’ve been playing Qwixx almost every night since. It’s pretty quick and easy to learn. It’s quickly become my favorite 30 minutes of the day. Often we’ll end up chatting after our game.



With 5 weeks until this baby’s arrival, I’m finally getting serious about nesting and our preparation. Her crib is set up and diapers have been purchased. The only big item left to get is another car seat. We also need a double stroller, but we’re holding off on that purchase for a bit. It’s getting real in here!



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