Weekend Roundup



This week has felt both long and incredibly short. My mom has been visiting to help take care of the kiddos now that Jim is back at work. She’s been a lifesaver getting up in the middle of the night to rock Sybil so I can get some sleep. I’m not ready for her to leave tomorrow! Luckily Jim’s mom arrives to take over for her. I’ve got 10 days left of help before I have to figure out how to manage Lawson and Sybil on my own. I am scared out of my mind!


This week I’ve gotten to spend more time with Lawson. It’s been the best feeling to go on a walk with him and put him to bed at night. I cannot explain how much I missed those moments these past couple of weeks! He’s still my baby and I love him like crazy. And he’s starting to warm up to his little sister, which warms this momma’s heart.


We managed to make it out of the house a couple of times for trips to the bookstore and mall. We’re having family photos taken in early October. I’m on the hunt for our outfits. I’ve pretty much decided on a grey, pink and blue color scheme and am going for an elevated casual style. Fingers crossed Ronnie the fibroid has shrunk by then and I feel good in whatever I’m wearing.


Hope you all have a wonderful almost fall weekend friends!



I most definitely do not need another pair of jeans. But if I did, I’d be buying these rag & bone boyfriend jeans. I’ve never been a fan of the boyfriend jean, but these look like they are a slimmer version of the popular style (it’s in their name so they should be). Don’t they look comfortable?! They also come in other washes without the distressing (here and here).



We’ve tried a couple of new recipes this week and really liked both this southwestern skillet and this pasta soup.



Okay, so we’re not really watching it yet, but we did start Stranger Things this week. I am such a wimp with scary shows and movies. 20 minutes in and it seemed a little too scary for me. It seems everyone is raving about it though. If you’ve watched it, tell me…is it really scary?



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