Weekend Roundup

Winter Weekend


Whoa, what a week! Winter storm Stella that was more sleet than snow but oh so cold. A stomach bug for lawson that required multiple loads of laundry and a trip to the ER (he finally felt better on Saturday). Tooth #2 and sitting up independently for Sybil. A quick middle of the day date. Thank goodness we had lots of family to help us take care of the kiddos.


We’re wrapping up our east coast swing this winter weekend before heading back to the sunshine on Monday. It’s been a good trip (minus Lawson’s stomach bug), but it’s always nice to go home.


My girlfriend (thanks Heather!) sent me an email about these pjs. Washable silk?! Added to my wish list.


Do you read Cup of Jo? It’s one of the top 5 blogs that I read regularly. The posts cover a range of topics and are insightful. I found one couple’s IVF journey to be particularly touching. They turned their story into a podcast to provide both the male and female perspective.


These 9 things you should never say to a pregnant friend are pretty spot on.


Whatever you’re up to, I hope your weekend is going well!



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