Weekend Roundup




Another week has come and gone. Is it just me or do they seem to go faster as you get older?


We didn’t have many plans this week other than Lawson’s normal swim and music classes. The weather has been perfect. We’ve tried to spend as much time as possible outside soaking it up before the heat really sets in for the summer.


We’re heading on vacation soon and I wanted to fit in some outfit posts to share while we’re traveling. I usually shoot 5-6 outfits at a time since that works best with my schedule. The past few times I’ve noticed they tend to have a theme. A couple of months ago, it was a pop of pink (here and here). Last time there was a lot of white and grey (here). Yesterday was all about the blue and white. What can I say? It must be the time of year!


I’m trying something new for my weekend roundup. I’ll share my high and low points of the week, along with a find of the week. It might be a recent purchase or a yummy recipe. Let me know what you think. Hope you have a great weekend!



It’s hard to pick one. An impromptu trip to the train park with my babies. Sybil learning to push herself up to sit from laying on her belly. Curling my hair to take outfit photos. Music class with Lawson.



Sybil is in the midst of developmental milestones. She’s so close to crawling (forwards, she’s got backwards down) and wants desperately to stand up (she can pull up to her knees). What’s the low point in these you ask? Well, along with the developmental leaps, she’s in a sleep regression and back to waking up 3x a night. Cue the #tiredeyes



I ordered what felt like hundreds of denim shorts on the hunt for the perfect summer pair. My requirements were a high waist, cuff and stretch. After trying on and returning all but a pair of white shorts, I wandered into Zara and tried on this pair. They are less than $30 and really comfortable. Fair warning, they do run pretty short. Like, “I’m 40 and should I really be wearing shorts this short” short? Oh well, I’m going with it for now.

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