Weekend Roundup



We’re on Day 6 of a 27-day road trip extravaganza. Call us crazy for traveling with a 2 year old and 9 month old! It was originally going to be a 40th birthday trip, but since I was 9 months pregnant we decided to delay it a bit. Our itinerary has us winding our way up the coast of California and Oregon and then meeting my family in Bend for a week. We are spending the holiday weekend in Cambria with a view of the ocean. It doesn’t get any better than that!


Sybil turned 9 months old yesterday (this is her official Instagram portrait). I find myself less emotional about her approaching her first birthday. It’s been a tough stretch that I’ll be glad to see behind us. I feel guilty saying it because she’s so stinking cute. And she’s healthy, which is really all that matters.


This week we rode the aerial tram in Palm Springs, Lawson and Sybil had their first taste of an acai bowl in Torrance, and we’ve been to the Santa Barbara Zoo and Botanic Gardens. Oh and Sybil saw the ocean for the first time! I’m sharing a ton on Instagram Stories if you’d like to follow along on our epic adventure.


Have a freaking fantastic weekend! Take a moment between barbecues to give thanks to the men and women who have given their lives protecting our freedom.



Relaxing in the kiddie pool after a 4 hour drive on Sunday. Lawson and Sybil were each playing on their own. Jim and I were watching them. I was in awe of our little family and excited for all our adventures ahead. A close 2nd is (finally) getting accepted to the rewardStyle affiliate program after applying at least 5 times. (If you’re not a blogger you likely have no idea what I’m talking about – affiliate programs are how I make a teeny bit of money from my blog when you click on links I include. You have to apply and be approved for rewardStyle.)


Sybil has never been a great sleeper. This trip has really thrown her for a loop. We’re asking her to sleep in lots of different places and be flexible with her naps. It hasn’t been easy and I’ve lost my sh!t more than once trying to get her to sleep at night.


I was searching for a white top and saw this Free People top on Julia. Free People is hit or miss on me. A lot of their styles are too much for my petite frame. I was wary this one would be the same, but pleasantly surprised to realize I loved it! I’ve worn it with jeans and sandals, which feels like the perfect summer outfit.

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