Weekend Roundup

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Happy Friday indeed! This week has been a mix of high and low. On one hand, Lawson and Sybil have been pretty great. On the other, I have a cold. Jim’s been in LA for school orientation so I had three days of single parenting. He comes home this morning and we are all so excited to see him!


Tomorrow I’m doing a little tour of Phoenix with my girlfriend. I’m excited to visit some of my favorite places. There’s a chance I cry before the day is done. It still seems surreal that we move in 11 days.


My brother and his friend are in the running to be on a billboard in Minneapolis! To help them win, go to this Facebook page, select the first photo of two nerds in bright yellow gear and then “like” the photo. I always knew my brother was destined for great things!



One morning I told Lawson that I wasn’t feeling well and my throat hurt. That night as we were saying goodnight he leaned in to give me a hug and then kissed my throat. It’s moments like those that make me believe I’m doing something right to raise a kind and sensitive son.



My low point was really easy to pick…definitely getting sick. Who gets a cold in the summer anyway?? It seems every 12 hours I feel like I’m getting better only to feel worse 12 hours later. Maybe I can finally kick it this weekend.



It probably comes as no surprise that my finds of the week all come from the Nordstrom anniversary sale. All the stuff I ordered last week came yesterday. I’ve tried on everything I got and settled on my top 5 items. I should get extra points since there’s something for Jim and Lawson too. :)

7 for all Mankind Grey Ankle Skinny Jeans

Leopard Slide Loafer (order 1/2 size up)

Long Ribbed Cardigan

Nike Running Shoe

Cole Haan Tennis Sneaker


My full anniversary sale picks for women and men/kids.







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