Weekend Roundup



I don’t mean to induce a panic…but it’s already the second weekend in August! It’s crazy how fast it’s flown by. After a busy few weekends, this one will be pretty much free of plans. I should be able to make progress on my to do list and also fit in plenty of relaxing.


  • I really like this post from Pearl about working on relationships. I couldn’t agree with her more on the importance of it.
  • I’m pretty excited about the new fall collection for Banana Republic. The first look came out this week and I’ve already got my eye on a couple of jackets. Lots of basics with a more modern vibe.
  • This blackberry lemon cake from Kristin looks delicious. I’m in the midst of menu planning for girl’s night and I may have found my dessert.
  • There was a period of my life when I watched Clueless almost every night as I was going to bed. This article claims there are 10 teen movies better than Clueless. I’m not convinced though.
  • If you enjoyed reading some of Emily Griffin’s books such as Something Borrowed, Where We Belong or her latest, The One & Only, you’ll like this interview with her from The Everygirl. I had no idea she practiced law before following her passion!


Make your weekend a great one!



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