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Weekend Roundup


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Happy first day of Spring! Does it feel like it where you are? We’ve had a couple of cloudy and rainy days in Phoenix, but we’ll be back in the upper 80’s with sunshine this weekend. I’m trying to enjoy each day. Before long it will be 100+ for four months and I’ll be cursing the heat.


Sorry for the radio silence yesterday. A combination of real life and mother nature got in the way of outfit photos. I’ll try to make it up with two outfit posts next week. And then that might be it for outfit posts until post-pregnancy. I am out of things that fit and have resorted to wearing the same couple of items over and over!


And now for a little roundup of items for your weekend pleasure!

  • Have you heard of the Moments app? It tracks how much time you spend on your phone and iPad each day. I’m not entirely sure I want to know!
  • One of the founders of Bloguettes, Sakura Considine, was recently featured on Levo League’s a Day in the Life Series. Sakura basically has my dream job so it was especially fun to read a little on her daily life.
  • I know I mentioned them yesterday too, but I bought these silver sandals last weekend and have pretty much been wearing them non-stop.
  • Speaking of how much time we spend on our phones, Jenn wrote a post earlier this week on remembering to enjoy the moment, rather than try to capture the perfect photo to post on Instagram. Instagram is my favorite form of social media. While I love looking at photos for inspiration, I am always thinking about what I’ll post next and appreciated the reminder from her to enjoy the moment.
  • Are you an introvert? If so, you might enjoy 7 tips for the introverted career woman (via The Everygirl)
  • My love of Lauren Conrad is no secret. I had heard about one of her ventures, The Little Market, but didn’t really know much about it. Read about how she’s empowering women around the world.


Have a great weekend, thanks for reading!!

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