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Weekend Roundup

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My love of paper products from Sugar Paper borders on obsession so I was thrilled to see the co-founders profiled in the LA Times recently.  It’s inspiring to hear how passionate they are about their business and how hard they’ve worked to get to the point they have.  Read the article here.  I picked up these gift tags on my first trip to their store earlier this year and am planning my holiday wrapping theme around them.  I’m leaning towards something similar to the top two packages in this photo….what do you think?

Does anyone else feel behind on their holiday shopping? Since Thanksgiving was later this year, it feels like the holiday shopping season is a little more rushed than normal.  I’ve got some catching up to do!  Other weekend plans include…

  • a visit to my favorite stylist (and friend) for a cut and color on Saturday. I may even try something a little different with my color this time (but don’t hold me to it)!
  • running 18 miles, which will be a personal record
  • filling the house with holiday music and movies. I may be behind with my shopping, but I’m fully into the holiday spirit
  • singing along to Single Ladies at the Beyonce concert
  • trips to Michaels and Target to pick up supplies for a few gift baskets for a holiday celebration next week

I have some serious Seinfeld fans in my family.  I saw this game a few weeks ago here and can’t wait to find out how well they really know Seinfeld!

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  1. Zack Kartak wrote:

    9 of 12 for me on the Seinfeld quiz!

    Published 12.6.13
  2. Chelsea Finn wrote:

    Oh my gosh, that wrapping is so adorable. I’m the same way, I absolutely love paper products. I always look forward to wrapping everyone’s presents in unique ways! And running 18 miles!? That’s an AWESOME goal! I love how running clears your mind. I try to run at least 3-5 miles a day, 5 times a week.


    Published 12.8.13
    • ekartak wrote:

      Thanks Chelsea! I’m training for my first marathon this January. Without that goal, I’m not sure I’d be ambitious enough to run 18 miles or even 5 days a week!

      Published 12.8.13