Weekend Roundup

Quetico Provincial Park


Cheers, it’s Friday! I hope you had a good week and are just as excited as I am for this weekend. I’m starting it off the best way with an afternoon drink. Saturday we’ll be celebrating some birthdays from earlier this week. I’ll end it with a trip to my favorite nail salon, Sundrops Nail Spot, with a favorite friend on Sunday. In between will be lots of Lawson time and prep for our next trip!


  • Rom-coms are my favorite movie genre. They may be predictable, but I’m a sucker for a feel good flick. I’ll be checking out these 15 unsung rom-coms.
  • Some of our favorite retailers (think J. Crew, Gap, Abercrombie) are attempting to become more nimble and join the fast-fashion frenzy in the fight to survive. Reducing the time to market can’t be a bad thing as long as the quality isn’t sacrificed.
  • Is anyone else captivated by Misty Copeland? These 5 times that made us want to be ballerinas are absolutely beautiful. I’d love to see her dance in person.
  • I am completely the opposite of a green thumb and haven’t managed to keep any plant alive. I desperately need to follow how to keep indoor plants alive.
  • Blueberries in banana bread with cinnamon sugar on top? Sold!
  • Watching what not to wear used to be one of my favorite ways to relax on a Friday night so naturally I enjoyed reading about Stacy London’s beauty secrets.
  • If you’ve ever struggled with what to say to someone that’s suffered a loss, please read how to write a condolence note. Great advice and reminders. Personally I love to tell a favorite story.


photo by chuck kartak



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