Weekend Roundup

Holiday Cocktails


Does anyone else feel like this was a long, but quick week? Does that even make any sense?! I’m not really a fan of cranberries unless they’re in my drink and this cocktail looks delicious. I have plenty to keep me busy this weekend, but shouldn’t feel rushed with a lack of real plans.  Speaking of the weekend, this weekend I am…

  • anxious to hear how one special 4-year-old’s fireman birthday party goes tonight.  Happy birthday Andrew!
  • trying to decide between some new Essie polishes…should I go with Mind Your Mittens, Cocktail Bling or Hot Coco for my monthly manicure at Sundrops Nail Spot?
  • eating my new favorite popcorn treat.  If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know I’m obsessed with Angie’s Holidrizzle White Chocolatier Popcorn.  I’m on my 2nd bag and am going to stock up at my local Sprouts this weekend.


I read this post about how to manage depression during the holidays by Jenn.  During the holidays, it’s easy to focus on all of the fun and festivity, but it’s also good to remember that not everyone feels the same and it can be a hard time.  I often find myself a little down as the holidays near to a close. Maybe it’s just the excitement dying down, but it’s good to be reminded that it’s okay to feel sad too.


On a lighter note, this weekend is my last chance for holiday shopping before I head to see my family in Minnesota next weekend. I’m pretty much on track, but I’m sure I’ll fit in some last minute shopping too. I’ve fallen into the one present for me, one present for you and will be checking out the J. Crew sale – everything is 30% online and in stores!  We have a holiday sweater contest at work next week and I think I’m going with this one.  I better not win the ugly sweater award! If you’re in need of some last minute gift ideas, don’t forget to check out my gift guides here!


Have a great weekend, thanks for reading!


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