Weekend Roundup

Fall Inspiration

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TGIF. I needed this Friday. We’re finally back at home after a week without AC. As nice as it was to stay at a hotel, it feels good to be home. This weekend we have a mix of household chores to catch up on the past week and fun plans, including setting up my new iPhone! Yep, after getting one too many “Storage is Full” messages when I went to take a photo, I ordered a new, larger version. Also on the weekend list, Jim has requested a closet clean out. He makes me swoon. :) Whatever you’re up to, make it a great one!



  • If you’re planning a trip to Napa, be sure to check out Victoria’s travel guide. It’s full of great info!
  • Lawson didn’t make this list of 12 European baby names about to blow up in the US. That’s quite okay with me!
  • Mackenzie mentioned this article in her weekend reading last week. I read it with tears in my eyes.
  • I find myself reaching for my phone often when around Lawson and found this article on motherhood and iPhones interesting.
  • The 5 chapters of happiness argues what brings you happiness changes throughout your life. Makes sense to me. I’ve certainly felt a shift over the past few years.



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