Weekend Roundup

Hiking in Scottsdale at Lost Dog Wash Trailhead


It’s been non-stop rain here in Phoenix all week. We need the rain and it’s nice to have an excuse for lazy, stay in your pjs days. I’ll admit to going a little stir crazy by the end of the day, especially if a certain little guy doesn’t take an afternoon nap. I’m ready for the return of sunny skies so we can get out and explore new areas like our first family hike last weekend!


Speaking of that little guy, Lawson will be 9 months old tomorrow! It’s insane how fast he has grown. I heard a newborn cry the other day and I genuinely forgot he ever sounded like that. Now he’s crawling everywhere and trying to stand up all the time. He’s so much fun (and starting to be a lot of work)!


This weekend will be pretty low-key. Hopefully I’ll get back outside to run a bit. I ran 8 miles last Saturday morning…I wasn’t fast but it was gorgeous and it felt so great to be outside! On Sunday afternoon I’ll be taking photos for upcoming outfit posts. I’m excited to show you how I’ve been mixing and matching old and new items recently!


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To ease back into the first work week of the new year, I made this cinnamon sugar bread on Monday morning. I’m embarrassed to say how many pieces I ate. Thank goodness I put one loaf in the freezer right away so I couldn’t eat both of them before Wednesday was over. It’s super easy to make. Other than sour cream you probably have everything you need at home. :)


Over the holidays we made a list of the series we watch regularly and decided to pair it back a bit. Now we watch 10 shows together and each have another 2 we keep up with on our own. At the top of both of our lists was The Newsroom (also available on HBO or iTunes). We started watching the final season this week. It’s by far the best show either of us has ever seen. Witty writing and great acting. Have you seen The Newsroom? Apparently we should also be watching Making a Murderer along with the rest of the country. Here’s 10 interesting facts about the series.


Well of course my Hunter rain boots! It doesn’t rain often in Phoenix so when it does, you can find me wearing my rain boots. And since it’s been a lazy week, I’ve barely taken off these Splendid pants Jim got me for Christmas. I may put on jeans to go out, but as soon as we get home it’s back into these for me.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! As always, you can find me on instagram or snapchat (erica.kartak) to follow along with our weekend. Stay warm and dry wherever you are!!

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