Weekend Roundup: No. 143

Weekend Roundup



We did it! Somehow we managed to pack all of our stuff and get it in the storage boxes for the trek to California. It took a village to make it happen. Not because we have too much stuff, but trying to pack with two kids is a challenge. We thought we’d done so well donating and selling stuff, but we were both shocked at how much stuff we still had left. So much stuff we don’t need. If you’re purging soon, my advice is to get rid of more than you think!


Sybil has shown less and less interest in breastfeeding over the past month. Yesterday I eliminated one of her nursing sessions. I never thought I’d nurse her as long as I have. I’m ready to start weaning her and plan to take it gradually over the next several weeks.


I’m still in search of an outfit for my cousin’s wedding next weekend. Dresses and skirts are not my friends lately. It’s been a struggle to find something I feel and look good in. We’re kicking off the weekend with a trip to the mall to find something. Fingers crossed I have some luck!


My brother is heading to my parents to stay with us for the weekend. I’m excited to see him and have an extra couple of hands to help with Lawson and Sybil. Now that Sybil can crawl, she’s always at my feet and holding on to my legs to stand up. It’s like we’re attached, especially at the end of the day. And sometimes I just want to stand without a kid grabbing at me. Any other mothers relate?!


I can’t believe it’s August already. Have a great weekend, there aren’t too many left this summer!



Even though I didn’t follow all of my 10 tips for flying with a toddler and baby, I survived my first solo flight! Lawson and Sybil did great, especially considering the time of day (afternoon flight, which meant no nap for Lawson and a short one for Sybil). Other than a flight attendant intent on enforcing a policy I’d never heard of requiring headphones or the iPad on mute, I consider the flight a huge success. Side note: if you’re a flight attendant and see a parent traveling solo with an almost 1 year old and just over 2 year old and neither child is crying, leave them alone.



My low point of the week was probably crying on the flight after my encounter with the flight attendant. It wasn’t that big of a deal, but I had so many emotions about moving out of our house earlier that day and traveling by myself that I was a bit of a wreck.



The last day of the Nordstrom anniversary sale is Sunday. I’ve ordered a few more items that keep coming in and out of stock, including this Madewell peplum shirt that I really like with a pair of skinnies and my go to loafers.


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